14 August 2011

knots of love

On Saturdays, there is a small group of crafters that gather for a cuppa and companionship at the BookMart DownTown on Main Street in Starkville, Mississippi.

Yesterday, four of us helped to celebrate Knots of Love's knotting and knitting in public day from ten til two.

Knots of Love can be found here:  knots-of-love.org

It's a way cool organization, that gives warm soft handmade caps to over three hundred treatment centers for their clients who have had traumatic hair loss due to disease {such as cancer} or other causes {some forms of high stress cause folks to lose their hair such as witnessing a horrible accident, being involved in a fire, or loss of a loved one}.  To find out more about the organization's activities and how you too can help them reach their goals, visit them at knots-of-love.org


  1. I knew exactly what their logo would look like from reading the name. Good work.

  2. I wish everyone could know your loving & caring heart!


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