29 March 2011

*Warning* not meant for folks who are easily offended

You had to read it anyway, right?  snicker

I'm not sure why I thought of this, but this morning while brushing my teeth, I remembered my husband telling me about a marquee on what had been a local movie theater, which is no longer in business.  I moved to this area in January 2002, well, ok, actually it was between Christmas 2001 and New Year 2002; but at any rate, this incident happened before I moved here, in 2000.

There had been a small movie theater near the campus {Mississippi State~~go bulldogs!} which ended up going out of business shortly after a mega~complex set up on the other side of town.  But the writing had been on the wall, or marquee, prior to the closing of the three screen theater.  My husband found it so hilarious, he took a picture of the sign which listed which movies were now showing:

My Dog, Skip
Eric Brockovich

I'm not sure how long that stayed up before there were enough complaints that management rearranged the sign.  I'm fairly certain they didn't go with "Eric Brockovich", "Screwed", "My Dog, Skip".  Yeah, that's the way we roll in Starkville, MS.

SooooOOOOooo not.


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