01 March 2011

too smart for my own good

Well, today I had my wisdom teeth removed.  That IV drip to sedate me worked wonders, perhaps too well, as now I've been kinda groggy, even after a nap.  The multiple local shots are slow to wear off, I still can't move my lower lip and it feels all rubbery, but my tongue is now tingly instead of an immovable slug.  And the prescription meds hopefully will do their job once all this other stuff wears off.  I've reread the care instruction sheet multiple times cuz my retention rate at the moment is not so good.  We got lots of puddings, some soups, and smooth ice cream and sherberts.  I tried to have some pudding when I first got home and it was about as effective as feeding a squirming two month old, since I couldn't feel my lower lip or tongue, I'd do that "up against the upper lip motion" to empty the spoon, and then check the corners of my mouth and lower lip for spillage.  Yes, I am that much fun!!

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