09 May 2010

Me and My Sharp Dressed Man

My Jerry and I are about to leave to go to Tupelo and have a nice dinner prior to the ZZ Top concert.

Here he is, in his tux~t {his dress shirt was dirty, we haven't gotten to the cleaner's yet; so he opted not to wear his gold brocade vest~~which I absolutely love on him...sharp!}. I'm really glad to be able to spend the evening with him, like this! He has really been excited about going, so it's awesome that he won tickets.

This hair has been the jaw~breaker of 'do's! It started April purple, a passionate purple, a violent violet. Then it was pink. A hot dark bright pink. Eventually it fluffed out into a paler pink, like cotton~candy.

And then I shaved the back/under~side. Finally, here it is whitish~blonde, with the occasional pinkish~hued touch here and there.


  1. AND..... It was a great day/evening - sharing with you! WoooHooo!

  2. I still think you're morphing into Debby Harry. Hooray for ZZ Top for still being around!


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