16 May 2010

blogger~dashboard sez

Everyone likes a hard~man, and Rbt Downey, Jr pulls it off so well. This afternoon My Jerry and I watched Iron Man at home and then went to the theater to see the second one. It has my stamp of approval!

In other regards, I've been feeling sorta puny of late. Not contagious, or infectious, but sluggish and yet jittery. Fun, oh such fun. But I'm feeling fine right this minute. However, that explains the rather spotty bloggish behaviour of late.

And, this is not a very special entry. It most likely should have been, but I can not really pull together the "yea! omg, this is the fifteen~hundredth entry!!".

so, yeah, there it is.



  1. Both Iron Mans get raves from people I know, but I can't muster an enthusiasm. Not a superhero kind of guy.

  2. Everybody is entitled to an off-day. Most of your entries are witty and/or razor sharp. 1500 -WOW!


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