02 January 2007


If I had solved the problem in the first place, I wouldn't be faced with resolving.  Oh, wait, THAT'S not what I was going to focus on...the resolving of resolutions, such as the popular New Year's Resolution...k, here we go!

On one hand, I think that resolutions as a whole suck.  For one digit, they are usually some grand noble idea that doesn't actually have a chance of becoming realized.  Self-defeating.  On another digit (same hand), if I am going to make a change of some sort (either to begin doing or to cease doing), then why oh why would I wait til the newest year to do so?  Why put it off?  Just do it (or not, depending).

On the other hand, the new year is a beginning that many seem to acknowledge and as such may serve as a fine reminder to self-reflect and evaluate, for those who do not typically tend to indulge in those thinking processes.  If that sounds sorta snobbish, that's cuz it is.  Being snobbish doesn't mean that it is without merit, though.

On a slightly different note (would that be the ear then?), I am settling back into my routine after having been gone for over three weeks.  My animals are glad to see me, and I them.  They all need bathes in the worst way.  Shaddow has been running through the fields, swimming in swampy ponds, and getting into all manner of situations.  Ziggee has been keeping her company.  Stella has herself a staunch case of worms and fleas (from which the worms came).  They have all been treated today, but I need to have a go at it again (sorta like resolving, see cuz i didn't do it right the first time, the problem is still needing to be solved, this time i ought to buy the right medicine for the right type of worms, sillee me).

Hope all of you are having a fine new year thus far.

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  1. Hi! Welcome and congratulations on becoming the charter member of Bonnie and Walt's puzzle club!

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