18 January 2007

Bringing tears to my eyes

I've been feeling out of sorts for awhile now.  There are many small reasons contribute to this off kilter sense of being.  Taken individually, or even in managable groupings, I might usually stride right along.  But taken as a rabid pack, the overwhelming image of flounding in their wake seems apt.

Just yesterday, I had eMailed a friend of mine, who is very familiar with all the goings-on at this time.  She has first hand knowledge of all the ins/outs of my particular positions and situations that occur within the realm of NAMI.  Plus, she embraces all the other oddities of being me.  I didn't have to say much about me, other than to say that 'here it is, this is how i am today' brief line or two.  In fact, I've probably written more in this post thus far about me than I did in yesterday's eMail!

The thing that choked me up, with emotional responses of relief, acceptance, and comfort was so simple.  It was a statement that I myself had made to her, awhile back.  When she was feeling similar doubts, weariness, exasperation, and smallness; I had told her something that I believe.  It is awesome that she calls my words to mind, and that they reassure her.  That means so much to me.  And, this is some of my own medicine that I'll gladly take.  Thanks for the reminder, sweeterpea.

Here it is:

To repeat what you said to me, which I often remember, with great encouragement "you are more than enough because you are mindful."  And you are.

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  1. what a great friend to have.  you are so lucky.



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