17 January 2007

Telling it like it is, preface

Each time that I have attempted to add an entry, I've failed.  It isn't some technical glitch of my dial-up, my service provider, nor AOL/AIM journals.  It's because of me.

It has been a long time, months, since I posted here (or anywhere) with regularity and frequency.  So now I have no idea where to start.  It is rather overwhelming, to pick up some threads that are in the midst of the weaving and try to follow things to the start or the finish.  I feel much like when I first began the whole blogging process.  That I would need to pluck and begin in the middle, and not worry overly much about explaining all the circumstances and the reasons and provide all the background and foreground.  It's enough to provide the middle ground.

Even that does not need to be complete.

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  1. You don't have to explain anything unless you want to. Just write and enjoy doing it. Tammy


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