20 March 2012

St Paddy's Day at the BookMart DownTown

This past Saturday was St Paddy's Day.  The event at the BookMart DownTown included a limerick contest, readings, dancing, music, Irish soda bread, and lots of colorful costumes.  For some reason, I really like this picture.

I think it is because the dancer in the background seems to be watching over and listening to the reader in the foreground.  The blurriness makes me feel like I'm granted a view of the angel/dancer/sprite.  If it were clearly focused, then I'd only be able to see the reader and not the otherworldly figure watching over us all.

But that's just me, and that's the feel the event had for me.

Revisiting Sophie's pic from last spring

Sitting here at BookMart DownTown, waiting for my eMail to send some pix, I thought of this lovely lady when she was even lil'r than she is now.

10 March 2012

Country Roads

Our local art's council's Art in Public Places theme for this year is Country Roads.  The show was hung last week and will be displayed thru March and April.  There are four of the writers from the Starkville Writers Guild who wrote poems and short prose to accompany the photographs, sketches, paintings, and other art pieces.  The reception was last night and wow, there was a nice crowd and I met quite a few people, including several artists whose work I did written reactions for.

Later this month, I will revisit the show to take some pictures and view things to my content.  Last night I didn't want to fight the crowds to do so.  Hopefully I'll post a pic or two here in this blog so that you can see some of the pieces.

for my jerry, my wonderful husband

This Saturday, March 17th, is St Paddy's Day.  Our local writers' guild is meeting, and directly afterward, we will move downstairs at the BookMart DownTown and engage in some performance art; which will be a good combination of interpretive dance and the reading of limericks.  This may be cheesy, but heartfelt cheese it is!

My wedding and marriage are great
His name to you I will relate
My husband, Jerry
He makes me merry,
For me, exists no better mate

07 March 2012

ooooooohhhh happeeeeee dayyyy {wahoo!}

not my artwork
This last week, first my husband and then myself got all snotty and drippy and cruddy.  It was a mess and we both felt like kah~RAP.  My husband rarely gets so sick he misses work, but he took off early one day and missed the next.  Then a few days later, I got all weepy and itchy.  I would have thought it was seasonal allergies kicking in, except for the fact that it seems like I "caught" his cruddy~crud.

So now we're both feeling oh so much better.  Waaaaay better.  Like so much better that I almost broke out the dancing feet and skipped across our pollen filled yard.  But I didn't.  Cuz that would have triggered sneezing, wheezing, and more hacking.  And that would have been such a dumb~ass move.

It's a sad state of affairs when you're grateful to be able to blow your nose.  But it feels so nice to be able to breathe deeply without the burn of congestion.  And hopefully I'll be snot~free in a jiffeeeee...

03 March 2012

what is becoming a monthly blog...{sooOOooo NOT happening~~promise!}

It's come to my attention that another month has gone by with nary an entry here.  But it won't be very much longer before I begin to post on a regular basis.  I'm just trying to catch up on a few things first.

So here are a few things that I've been doing in the meantime...

The creme/brown/white piece to the left is what I am currently working on.  I think it will probably be an afghan, sized for a twin bed, when I am thru.  It's a series of ribbing, in stockinette.

This is the lapghan pictured in the previous entry.  Here it looks square, but it also naturally becomes more diamond shaped.  I'm not terribly fond of this, but my husband says that he thinks it is kinda cool.

And a rather patriotic lapghan seen here is one by one ribbing, stockinette.

I looooOOOoove stockinette.


Last week, my husband had the crud.  It was bad enough that he missed some time from work and also missed his physical therapy.  Then I came down with it yesterday.  I'm feeling some better today, but ugh, what crappy crudd it is.