09 February 2012

diagonal lapghans

Choco~Mint Diagonal Lapghan for the VA
Red Shawl in process, using Lion's Diagonal Blankie pattern
So I've been messing around with knitting scarves cuz they are the perfect size to try out different stitches, methods, etc.  Recently, I decided to give a larger project a try, so I had made a rectangular wrap and a triangular shawl.  There's a lady I know who knits diagonal blankies for babies; she sends them off for charity.  I thought that the pattern seems basic and that would be a good project to move to from the scarves.  So I decided to make lapghans, a larger version of the blankie that this simple pattern is for.  It can also be adapted for a shawl, instead of decreasing when you get to the maximum width you'd like.

03 February 2012

Sophie, all tucked in

GroundHog's Day

Wow!  It feels like Christmas was only just last week.  That just ain't right, just ain't.


Ok, in this picture, you can see a bit of my super~scarf.  It's a blend of greens, knit, and about eight feet long with a nice, thick hood section in the middle.  This one, I'm keeping.

And whilst in PA, I found two of these lovely bins.  One pictured here is closed, blue, on the left.  On the right, there is the orange one, open.  I love them and I got them for five bucks each.  Jerry replaced the dowel rods for me, and I love them even more.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Fiber Festival in Oxford {Mississippi}.  Pictured here are several balls of the Marigold wool.  Oh!  And also a ball of Lime Sherbet.  Luscious.

Over this past weekend, I tried my hand at knitting a shawl.  Above it's pictured, folded in half.  Not bad, I say, not bad.

Matching is a hat I crocheted this evening.  So that sort of catches up on some projects.  Tah!