13 December 2011

Sophie with Santa

My husband becomes Santa every December for a few events.  This past weekend, the Emerson Center, BrickFire Project, and a few other community efforts joined together to put on a Christmas Extravaganza.  It featured pictures with Santa, decorating cookies, wrapping gifts, making cards, singing songs, reading books, etc.  The event is always the second Saturday in December and it gets better every year, cuz every year an old kink is eased but a new one develops, or so it seems.  I think they are controlling the chaos pretty well, considering!

The main thing is that the kids love it and so do the adults.  Some children take to Santa right off and want to hang with him for hours and hours.  They have to be coaxed to move on so that others can spend time with him.  Then there are some children who will not, with any amount of coaxing, have anything to do with Santa.  He can be a big ole scary dude, with all that white fluffy hair and that can be a tad intimidating.

But mostly, it's fun to watch the kids pose with Santa and tell him their names and list all their wishes.  The funniest kid has got to be my friend's lil boy, Alex, almost three.  When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he replied with great enthusiasm, "presents!" and stuck to that answer when pressed for specifically what kind of present does he want.  It doesn't matter, a box to unwrap can be just as fun as whatever is inside the box, doncha know.

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  1. Yep! I agree! Even though it got to be a bit tiring after a few hours, I enjoyed it.


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