21 December 2011

Red Heart: with love

Earlier today, my husband and I delivered fifty hats, scarves, hoods, and hooded scarves that I crocheted, knitted, or loomed for the kids at the Palmer Home Orphanage.  The Palmer Home is unique in that they are committed to keeping siblings together.  There are five cottages {with an average of eight children at each, along with two house~parents} at the main campus in Columbus, MS.  Pretty cool how I made exactly enough so that everyone was able to pick an item!

I did speak with the admin ladies and let them know that if there are any special requests, folks wanting a hat in this style with those colors or some such thing; then just let me know and I'll see what I can do.  It's not hat/scarf weather here in MS yet, but in the new year, and for months to come; it gets pretty cold.  You wouldn't think that MS has a need for warm garments such as those accessories, but yes, we do.

For most of the hats, hoods, and hooded scarves, I used Red Heart yarns.  Speaking of which, I came upon this just now.  It is a giveaway for Red Heart's relatively new yarn, With Love.  It's an acrylic yes, but is so very soft and yet holds it shape.  I've spoken with a few folks who have used this for various projects, and they rave about it.  Our local WalMart doesn't carry the With Love; perhaps when I get to Tupelo's JoAnn's or down to Jackson's Michaels, I will be able to pick some up.  Our local WalMart has expanded their yarn section quite a bit, but at this point, Red Heart's With Love isn't available there.

However, check out the giveaway for the Red Heart With Love at AllFreeCrochet.com.  You can enter once per day til Jan 4.  So go check it!  Also, if you post a blog entry mentioning it, or Tweet about it, or FaceBook it, that counts as an extra entry into the giveaway.  I don't FaceBook, nor do I tweet, but I do blog.


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