18 December 2010

Welcome home, newest lil girl

{with a wink from Santa, all's well}

Earlier today, my husband was Santa for a benefit for the local high~school's girls' slow~pitch softball team held at Applebee's. It was a pancake breakfast with sausage and coffee and orange juice that was very good and a nice way to start our weekend. Only a few kids got confused cuz mommy had taught them never to talk with strangers and never to take candy from strangers and now mommy wants them to sit on The Stranger's lap, talk with The Stranger, and quite possibly accept a Candy Cane from The Stranger. Confusing, terrifying, troubling...

{checking each other out}

Then I went to my writers group which meets at our local public library. We won't meet again til after the new year, so the group was sort of bitter~sweet. It was a good way to end my morning.

Then I went to the local animal shelter to fill out the paperwork and take care of the fee and such and pick up our newest member to our home. A little eleven week old chiweenie who is already bonding with my husband. He is in the process of teaching her all about football, while she watches the game with him. This is a good way to start my afternoon.

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