06 December 2010

Caroling Dogs

This evening was our monthly book~group meeting. One of the ladies gave me this lil pop~up card by Tres Panache of Caroling Dogs. And a beautiful thin metal bookmark with a blue cord and quote by Anais Nin {"Dreams are necessary to life."}. Very apropos!

I'm also a member of the online BookMooch {see the bar on the left}. So far, I've given 85 while receiving 77. For the most part, I've enjoyed this very much. It's a great way to pass on the reads, while adding some titles to my permanent collection; tho some I just relist as moochables. Actually, I maintain the list, but when it comes to preparing and posting the books for the mail system, my husband does that~~I just jot the mailing address and hand them off to him. He wraps them nicely and sends them off; which is good, cuz I tend to wrap things like a three year old child might, folks can always tell which gifts are from me.

Last week, one woman who mooched from me sent my husband and I are card in the mail with a very nice message~~to let us know that it's folks like us that make BookMooch so fun. It was especially nice, since a little appreciation can go such a long way!!

Thanks, ladies!

And thanks so very much to my husband, for helping me in so many ways!


  1. I'm terrible at wrapping/mailing things too. I wish I had someone to do that for me!

  2. Awww! Ya make me blush! Love ya Baby!


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