16 December 2010

Peace On Earth

Earlier today, my husband and I went to Tupelo for the six month follow up post surgery on his knee and tibial plateau. Yea!! All looks great, he is walking and moving just fine and there are no signs of rejection of the hardware {so the screws, brackets, and nuts and bolts should be good to stay inside}.

His boss gave him a gift certificate for Applebee's so that's where we went for lunch. It was so good and we had a good waitress. Her name was "Holly", how apropos.

Then we stopped at Books~A~Million, cuz we love big books {and we cannot lie}. Their boxes of cards are fifty percent off and so I selected this design. The dove is trailing a red ribbon that wraps about the earth. In gold print on the ribbon it says, "Peace on Earth". The inside of the card is mostly blank, so lots of writing room. It does say in gold, "Season's Greetings". The card stock is heavy, cream, and lightly textured. La Petite Presse is the line, illustrated by Rachel Newcomb, and this design is "Noel".

Fifteen cards for five dollars plus tax is a good deal for pre~Christmas. I am thinking that I will spend some time tonight writing some more cards for some folks on our list. I'd no idea that I had so many folks I wanted to drop a note to.

Also earlier this evening {late afternoon}, my husband's mother's assisted living home had their annual Christmas dinner, complete with a visit from Santa, who passed out candy~canes and lots of booming greetings and cheer. He was also one of the responding paramedics who ended up cutting the clothes off my husband six months ago when it was proven that two vehicles cannot occupy the same space, especially not if my husband's leg is between said colliding vehicles.

Two of my husband's daughters were there, along with his youngest grandchild~~seven months old! She was a huge hit amongst the residents and the staff members. Her great~grandmother held her for a good long time and there will be a nice pic of Santa and the two ladies...a full seventy~five years between the ladies' ages!!

Well, I'm off to watch Ovation's Nutcracker Dance Off!!


  1. Hope nobody on your card list objects to "season's greetings" -- some bible-thumpers get all bent out of shape if you don't say "CHRISTMAS". They act offended and get real pissy.

  2. Had good time w/you. All-in-all, an enjoyable - but tiring - day. Love ya!


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