02 February 2006

me and my buddy, Phil

Yeah, so, I'm from PA.  That means I got to thinking about Phil's big day.  Punxsutawney has been Phil's home for years.  They gear up every February 2nd and have a big ol' smashing time.

'Course, ya know, that could be alotta performance pressure.  The dude is pretty laid back though, no sweat.  I feel kinda bad for him sometimes, cuz he gets hauled outta his little home and woken from a sound slumber.  Just so we can know if spring is coming in six weeks or if we have another six weeks of winter.

Now for those of you that protest that that means the same thing, au contraire!  Ya hafta unnerstant the logic of the dutchmen.  Ya know, we throw the cow over the fence some hay and we also throw mama from the train (a kiss, a kiss).

Anyway, what I mean ta say is that even though my home is now MS, I'm thinking 'bout ya, Phil.  Do your duty and then get some serious nappage.  Ya gotta start training for next year.

Oh, and by the way, HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY, ya'll!!

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  1. poor guy; talk about performance anxiety.....gotta love the movie Groundhog Day though!



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