07 July 2013

What I did with my weekend...

Have I mentioned lately how very sweet my husband is to me?  Well, he is!  We have been considering how to store/display/organize my yarn for quite some time.  Long time readers may recall when I had posted some pictures of my stash.  Here's the link:  debrasdose.blogspot.com/2011/05/crafty-room.html

Part of the problem with the two large wooden shelving units was that if I would take one skein off the shelf, most of the yarn on that shelf would come off too.  This meant that I was constantly trying to hold my arm up to block the other yarn from falling off the shelf and/or replacing skeins on the deep, wide shelves.  They were not meant for holding yarn.  So I thought this and I thought that, and then I considered that and I considered this.  Then I weighed that alternative and this idea and I was still not satisfied that I was coming up with exactly the right solution.

So let's skip ahead two years and two months to just about two weeks ago...we decided to get interlocking wire cubes that are about fourteen inches.  kMart had a six block unit for twenty dollars.  So I purchased some at the "local" store {next county over}, made sure they would work, and then made a larger purchase online {free shipping right to my home!}.  My order arrived on Friday.  Saturday, my husband and I moved the wooden shelving units out into the living space {which brought an entirely different idea to mind for future use of them, which in turn made me very excited, wahoo!!}.  I had already rearranged the other things that needed to be moved back in that room.

Saturday, my husband and I built a wall of wire cubes.  It's five cubes high and eight cubes wide.  That's forty friggen cubes of delight!  I almost peed my pants, I was giggling with so much glee!

Then today, my husband helped me move some projects {works in progress, yarn projects, sewing projects, embroidery projects, monk's cloth, other fabric, the beginning of a quilt, all in various stages} so that I could get to the stacked up and bagged up and stored up yarn.  {cue choruses of "yarn glorious yarn"}.  I'm a big girl, I sweat.  I get out of breath much easier and faster than I used to.  And this is JULY in MISSISSIPPI, INDOORS.

So my awesome husband went to WalMart, bought an air~conditioner, came home, and INSTALLED it right then!!  That man is so sweet to me.  Lemme say that again:  he is amazing and he is amazingly sweet to me.

Then I began to organize and stack all that yarn that had been in ONE room {I have yarn spread throughout the house, it seems}.  My husband let me play back there, let my brain buzz away with joyous glorious happiness, let me interrupt his movie watching several times to exclaim my discovery of rediscovering my stash, and then let me drag him back into the room to point out all my lovelies.

So I had to brag on him.  And my stash.  Or at least, the bulk of it.  The rest of it needs to wait til the front room is ready for it.



  1. And the progress continues! One day we'll have all our rooms just as we want them! Woo Hoo!

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Guess it is time to knit now...


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