07 July 2013

The lil girls

Our lil girls at rest, after playing.  Sophie lets Chiquita set the pace.  Chiquita sort of rears up and then paws the ground, or stomps with on leg.  Then Sophie dodges forward and tries to put her nose under Chiquita.  Then Chiquita runs away, a short distance.  Then Sophie chases her and then Chiquita turns and Sophie runs the other way and Chiquita chases Sophie.  The rest of the play consists of either or both stomping and pawing the floor and chasing each other for short distances.  Sometimes they bump noses and it's funny to watch them get all excited about the other.

Shaddow has been keeping to herself, often going into the bedroom to lay in there.  This is even if the lil ones are not playing around.  She really values her sleep and it's dark and cool in the bedroom, peaceful.  I should know, cuz I visit it often!

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  1. Its amazing how your perception changes. Sophie (at 20 pounds) was our "Little girl", but with Chiquita at 2 1/2 pounds, she's now a big sister! So cute together.


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