09 July 2012

Today, after we were all up and about, and I ate my third breakfast and drank my second pot of coffee; my husband went to work at the library and the rest of us set off in my lil cute car.  We drove over toward Columbus and chatted about cat~fish farming and other Mississippi sights and smells.  Once in Columbus, we drove thru the old cemetery, Friendship, and visited the weeping angel {for the Teasdale family}.  I told them the bit about what we know as Memorial Day being started at the Columbus Friendship Cemetery, as the women in town would decorate the soldiers' graves for both the Union and Confederacy dead.  It was a sign of honor and respect, and is a true tradition that continues thru much of the USA, having its roots ri'icher, in our Golden Triangle.

Then we drove around, looking at various homes and building styles and such.  I pointed out the Palmer Home for Children and told them the back story there.  We then decided to head on over to the Waverly Mansion, as I wasn't sure how much time we had left before they stopped accepting guests for the tours for the day.

Melanie, Rob't Snow's daughter, was gracious and my friend and her family had a blast and enjoyed themselves very much.  We walked the grounds afterward, and altho we all were so heated and damp, we enjoyed the staying of the heat, instead of the climbing soaring humidity.  The sun was beginning to set and the hottest part of the day was past.  We also took a walk into the old family plot, viewing some of the stones and such.

Then we drove back to Starkville, taking the back roads thru West Point and out past what til recently had been Oktibbeha County Lake.  We stopped to eat at Abner's, a chicken spot that is truly a local favorite.  Then we drove home, thru the odd storminess.  It was a long day, but we all showered and settled in for FernGully {1982} with the adults struggling to stay awake and the kids wanting to stay up past our bedtime {we adults were zzzzonked!}.

We'd talked about plans for the next few days, and I'm about ready to head to bed myself.  The house in quiet except for the chirping crickets that my husband had bought yesterday for bait when he and our friends' son went fishing, out back at our two small ponds.  The dogs are slumbering, with Shaddow doing her Zzzzzzzzzen breathing.


Have a good start to your new week!

{HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my husband's youngest son, he's 29 for the first time; whereas my mother is celebrating her 29th for the uhmmm 37th time this year; at this rate, she's still younger than me!   ~*snicker*~}

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  1. Yer date's wrong! Ya did all this yesterday (Sunday). Today is the 9th. Love YA!


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