08 July 2012

LOOK~~more childhood friends!!

Yesterday, my bestest friend from childhood who resides in the town we grew up in came to see me from Catawissa, PA {on the north branch of the Susquehanna River}.  She and her husband are celebrating their twentieth anniversary next month.  Dude, she's old!  Well, only five days older than me, but still...And her hubby is uhhhhhm, 8?  no, 9? years older than her.  Their two children came down too, Daughter is thirteen {how the hell is that possible?!?} and Son is eleven.

They'll be here til Thursday, when they must return to PA, as it is slightly more than a thousand miles {about eighteen hours, with minimal stoppage for gas and restroom breaks} and my friend must rest a bit before returning to work on Sunday night.  So, yesterday we visited, unpacked the food they brought for me {sweet lebanon bologna, extra sharp cheese, and ring~bologna} as well as the cases of assorted sodas {Big Ben's Bottling Works makes some of the strongest soda, including Moxie, which will put the curly hairs on your chest, it's that potent}, then She and I went over to see my mom quick before we ended up getting texted by two folks and called cuz "we're hungry".  So my husband and I took them to China Garden, for the buffet, and then split up, guys in one car to go to Noxubee Refuge and the girls in the other to drive around and do some story telling.  Then we met back at the house where the guys went fishing and we girls started to loom/rake~knit some hats.  We watched a movie, the first four episodes ever of Futurama, and we all dropped off like flies as the night wore on.

Today, I'm not sure what's in the works yet.  My husband and I, along with our chiweenie {my lil "schnausage dauk"} Sophie went for coffee {humans} and TOTS! at the TOT~SPOT! {Sophie}.  We read our papers when we returned {humans}, while Sophie took her early~morning nap. The rest of the house is still snoozing along with her.

A few years ago, when my husband and I wed; I had told my out~of~state friends not to worry about coming to the wedding as I wouldn't have much time to visit with them and so if they made the trip here, it'd be better to wait til some other time when we could actually focus on each other and catch up without tons of distractions.  I'm glad that we are able to spend the time now!  I think tho after this, we're going to be thru with company for awhile, but then again, it's hard to believe it is this late in the year already, right?

So, I may not be around much this week, or you might see an entry EVERY DAY {gasp}.  Cuz I was using my blog as a way to journal events and thoughts and such, so that I can look back and be all like, oh yeah!  That's what was going on in my life then.  But in the past year, I've kinda gotten away from that.  So guess what?  I may be BACK.  {does that scare ya?  no?  well, good.  cuz if'n it did, you shouldn't be here; skirtee kat}

Good Sunday to all!

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  1. Woo HOO! Youse all right sew gooood!
    heh! :-)


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