12 May 2012

new neighbor

My mother is moving here to Mississippi!  At the end of March, a new~to~her trailer was moved from a different county to her new patch.  While her new home is structurally sound, it needed a lot of scrubbing, deglossing and Krud Kutting, carpet and pad removed, tacking strips removed, and other prep work.  Then two coats of KilZ stain blocker to all the painted walls and ceilings, tho some of the walls are paneled or partially paneled.  The prep work was intense and exhaustive.

So she is now painting the two top coats where applicable.  She's getting ready to lay the tile on the floors where the carpet/pad was ripped up.  The kitchen cupboards and drawers have been scrubbed, the hardware soaked and replaced.   The window blinds have been replaced, the ceiling fans have been scrubbed, and all the outlet and switch plates have been cleaned {just need to be replaced}.

She's done at least 97% of the work herself.  My husband has been pouring quickcrete parking pads for her, as when the gravel was brought in for the pad for the trailer placement for proper drainage {new laws}, the trucks were so heavy that the asphalt parking tabs were torn up, chewed up, and spat out.  Apparently no matter how you slice it, thirty yards of gravel is some heavy shit!

Some folks are coming in to help move all her stuff in, and while they are here, they will be putting the skirting on the trailer.  Perhaps they will even hang the gutters and downspouting so that when it rains, she doesn't need to worry if the wind will find any cracks or crevices and damp spots appear later.  They might even be able to replace a kitchen light {the one that had been there was a frightful mess}.

Welcome to Mississippi, Mom!

{and happy mother's day to you}

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