15 November 2010


This morning I awoke STARVING. Which was surprising, cuz I know that I got way more than enough to eat in my sleep last night. I dreamed that I was dressed in a slinky satin longer~than~long gown and before me was a huge palatial dining table, filled with food. I was rapturously stuffing my face and it was wonderful...no matter how much I ate, I was svelte and sexy and able to gobble more and more and MORE {ahhhhhhh}.

So I woke hungry. So much so that my tummy ached. After dropping my roomie {snicker} at work, I decided to go to BoJangle's, a place I've never eaten at. It was won.der.full.est. {sigh} So freakin good that I know that none of it could be good for you.

When I came up from my trough, I saw this delightful sketch on the wall. Now, it's suitable considering that we are in MSU BullDog country. But a slurp like that makes me cringe. That the parent is offering the child to the dog for approval of this kind doesn't sit right with me, but that's not my child. Nor my dog. I don't like slurpy doggie~kisses, tho from their perspective, they might not like dry people~kisses. And really, what other kind of kisses could dogs offer, besides slurpy?

Anyway, I do like the sketch, cuz of the detail {check out the baby~toes} and the shading {the bib blows me away}. The sketch is appealing, even if it is a somewhat bizarre choice for an eating~establishment to choose over the myriad of other BullDog~related options. So if you're ever in Starkville's BoJangle's, stop by to gobble some grub and gawk at the sketches.

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  1. I have eating dreams too..and it's usually cheeseburgers.


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