24 July 2007

do not open

usually when my guy stumbles around in the wee morning hours before leaving my house for his (two hours away), i sleep right thru it.  but this morning, i woke up even before the nasty insistent alarm went off.  so i decided to have a piece of last night's pizza and then my industrial strength antibiotic that always makes me think that i will take this magic bullet and be transformed! into an amazingly well person immediately.  and i slurp down some herbal tea too, just to make sure i've got all the bases covered, what with all those "take with food", "take with drink", "offer up your first born to the gods of modern science" labels.

folks, there is a reason the antibiotic is encapsulated within three layers of invincible gel; as i soon discovered when it dissolved in my stomach and resurfaced with a burp.  mmmmmmmmm.  i was planning to use my throat today, but after that mishap, i'll be signing my counseling session.

so, is your week off to a good start?

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  1. Ewwwww.  Antibiotic aftertaste can't be good!



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