27 June 2007

Drought in Mississippi

We normally have a rainy spring, usually a solid month of Mississippi mud (not the dessert).  Our rainfall levels are about a foot and a half low.  Most of the lakes and ponds are very low and the rivers are too.  Most farmers here in Mississippi are very worried because crop yield is way down.

Yet, we have such humid days.  At night, and early in the morning, the dew drenches the ground and grass.  Then the sun rises and burns off the dew, leaving the vegetation thirsting for water.

So, I wonder why we don't use condensation sheets.  Surely a grant from the Dept of Agriculture could grant monies to farmers for these materials that would allow the night airs to catch and accumulate the moisture so that some of the humidity can help to combat the drought.  I know it would not solve everything, but given that last year and this year were low productivity yields, I think it might help to take some predatory steps to prevent the same sort of damage in the future.

The government will fund projects that make no sense.  I'd like to see them fund something that does make sense.  Yet another pipe-dream of mine.  sigh.

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