02 May 2007


I love peace and quiet.  Noises tend to startle me and I often slip away, when surrounded by harsh sounds.  Dissociating is something that I have to work hard against, sometimes more so than others.  At times, I fall away before I realize it, and am no longer present in the moment.  I've been doing better over the past few years, in some ways cuz I have isolated in many ways.  There are those few times when I surround myself with sounds, by choice.  But most of the time, chaos adds to my anxiety.  Usually, I know now when I am having an exceptionally rough time, and am more vulnerable to triggers that are best avoided.  It is at those times being home, in the relative solitude is a solace to me.  I'm learning to know myself and listen to myself more and more, trusting and respecting me.  It is so very wonderful that I have a loving supportive guy who encourages me, praises me, and comforts me.  Thank you, sweetie, for being you!

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  1. Hey, guess who found your journal again :)


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