27 April 2007

Hello, Walt

Walt passed fairly peacefully this afternoon.  Bonnie takes great comfort in this and so much more.  He has touched so many lives and as his journals are here, online, he will continue to affect folks.  Bonnie reminds me that Walt is now my guardian angel and is truly spiritual and surrounds us all.  Hello, my friend, and welcome to a carefree existence!


  1. Nice, Debra.  Very nice.

  2. Debra,  I was deeply saddened to hear of Walts passing.  Thank you for letting me know.  I'm sorry for the loss of this good man on earth.

  3. emmapeeldallasSunday, 06 May, 2007

    I linked here from Christina.  I am so sorry for your loss.


  4. I wonder if you could tell Bonnie I am thinking of her?

    With all our kids I just have not had time to send a card....but I have prayed for her and miss the heck out Walt.

  5. Thank you for posting a comment to my journal.  Walt was a great man, caring and intelligent and will be sorely missed.  

  6. I am just getting the news on Walt's death today and am saddened to have lost a wonderful friend I met in the journals.    I have been away from the computer with health problems due to my back pain.   I notice you are not making any new entries in this journal so I won't expect any further alerts.    I wish Bonnie my very best on her life without Walt and hope that the adjustment is not overwhelming her.   I have only made one new entry in my artwork journal as I try to cope with what to do about life with constant back pain keeping me from sitting at the computer, etc.     I don't care to discuss my health as a topic in my journals currently and do so on a personal basis (email) or in a comment like this.    I will be thinking of Bonnie and I thank you for letting me and others know when Walt was hospitalized and with his death.     mark

  7. I am really missing him right nw. When Icouldn't sleep we would talk.


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