30 January 2016

One month of winter down, two to go

I think it is because lots of people anticipate Christmas so much that they rush winter~themed things, like decorations, holiday parties, and consuming baked goods.  So many, it seems like winter started the day after Thanksgiving, thus cutting autumn short a month and adding an extra earlier month to winter.

Dudes, winter starts just days before Christmas.  So we are just NOW approaching mid~winter with Punxustawney Phil popping his head out to the crowds and decreeing that either way, we still have the second half of the season to plow thru {some more literally than others}.  Spring will get here when it gets here, in the meantime, enjoy what time there is left of winter, instead of wishing your lives away.

Bru some tea, for those Br days.

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  1. Hey. having grown up in Mississippi, I've realized that folks here that go strictly by the calendar are about two months off (seasonally) most of the time. For example, the hottest month is August, not June. The iciest month is February, not December. Its been this way for (as far as I know) nearly all of my 6o years. Jeezzz, have some sense folks! READ DEBRA'S DOSE! (gratuitous plus - free!) :-)


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