17 January 2014

The Sweetest Lil Girls

 I know that every parent is biased toward their children.  Even those of us who've adopted lil furry babies of other species are prone to think our babies are the bestest ones of all; the pick of the litter, so to say.

But really, how can you not think these two are adorable?

These two lil girls get along nicely and are constantly curled up together.  When not faux~fighting in that snarly way they have of playing, that is.
Sophie, our chiweenie, is now three and altho she is now an "adult", she still gets very puppyish and playful.  She is our watchdog of sorts.  She has a big bark, especially for a relatively lil body.  For a chiweenie, she is a bit on the bigger, denser, broader side.  But for a dog, she's on the smaller side.

Then the lil'st one, Chiquita our chihuahua, is about ten months old.  She was born the first day of spring last year and came to live with us July 3rd. She's pretty much adjusted to our home and all of the occupants.  There are still the occasional mishaps, the poop that doesn't make it onto the pPad when we are not home.  But for the most part, she loves her sisters and her humans.  She is not a yappy yippy yuppy dog, tho we do have to remind her from time to time to use her inside voice.

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