27 March 2007

Spaying Stella

Stella is a little over six months old now, so it was time to spay her, especially since it's spring and love seems to be in the very air we breathe.  Or that could be the mold and pollen and other frisky frolicking microbes.  That could be a problem, thinking along the lines that love can grow on ya like mold.

So, yesterday we went back to the vet to have her staple (?!?) removed.  Yeah, when I first saw the staple sticking out of her belly, I was somewhat alarmed.  I asked the vet tech and of course googled it cuz I gotta read up on these things, ya know?

Stella is rather sweet and docile and cuddly and she is a great lap-kitty.  My mom thought she was just so soft and gentle and sweet.  Stella received lots of loving over the weekend, because she was constantly being pet and held by one or the other of us!

However, Mom also gave lots of attention to Ziggee.  She isn't a little dog kinda person.  Well, she isn't a dog sorta person at all, although she does like certain individual dogs.  She's kinda like that about people too.

Ziggee squiggled up into mom's lap a few times and she would scritch all his spots too.  He was his usual charming wriggling lil self and made mom laugh every time she saw his lil body just wiggling away, even as he walks and sits and jumps.  If he is breathing, he is wagging his entire body.  That's the charm of Ziggee.  He makes ya giggle.

Shaddow was not left out.  However she was left out of the yard a few times, with all the comings and goings of friends, strangers, and family.  So she went swimming.  Several times.  In the swampy pond.  Oh, joy!  Other than short stints in the house to eat, she spent much of her muddy fragrant time outside.

But mom pet her too and gave her treats and told her how pretty she was (albeit a bit messy at the moment).  My furrbees said, "yea!!!  gra'ma's coming to visit!!"

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