26 July 2013

A job well done

There are two rooms in our house that are not finished, not redone.  The large hall in the addition has been prepped, but awaits the two top coats of paint.  The smallest room is stuffed with a variety of items that need to be sorted and what not.  So that room is not even close to being considered for redoing at this point.

The other room is a large front bedroom that is ready for kilZ prep work.  The walls are now scrubbed and I will scrub the floor this next weekend.  Then my mom will set about painting it.  Then it will be ready for us to set up the bed {which currently is propped up in the large hall, which is why that is not yet painted}.  And I'll move in the bookshelves and build crates for atop those shelves.  And then the rest of the yarn and the myriad of projects can be organized.  We can put up the blinds, curtains, and other things.  And tah~DAH, that room will be finished and our living room won't be piled with things that will be in that room.

So this morning, Jerry helped me scrub the walls in that front room.  He ran the relay of fresh water for rinsing and I set about scrubbing.  We ran out of cleaning solutions, Krud Kutter and such.  So I used white vinegar, undiluted, for the last wall.  It did a fair job, tho required additional elbow grease.  Since Jerry was toting water, I wasn't needing to get down off the ladder to go change water, or get up and then down again so I could get the bottom portions.  It really was a huge help!  And the job only took three hours, with the two of us working together.

I'm ready for a shower.  I can feel my muscles' soreness now and have already decided not to do the floor tomorrow, but wait.  Jerry is out mowing the rest of the yard, and I know that when he comes in, he'll be ready for his shower {it amazes me how much stuff he does, non~stop}.

But he gets tremendous satisfaction out of a job well done.  And I do too.  I can't wait til this room is entirely done and things are moved into it!

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  1. Not to mention the satisfaction of checking a long-standing item off your list.


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