06 June 2013

Look, ma! I knit it myself!

Yeah, so I've been knitting for awhile, about two years now.  Sometimes I try different techniques, new stitches, strange fibers, etc.  I had some donated fuzzy stuff, mohair, that I had designated for knitting into items for charity {that's why the woman donated her yarn to me, so that I would then pass it on as shawls, blankets, hats, sweaters, scarves, etc}.  I started to tinker with the incredibly soft thin yet warm yarn and thought, "aha! I'll make a wrap with this here odd and end bits for some lucky lady."

Well as you can see, that is NOT what happened.  Sometimes things take their own paths and what they start out as, is not what they end up being.  In this case, I ended up with an old fashioned ornament that I most likely will applique on to an afghan that is a muted solid color.  Hopefully, it will make some lucky lady happy.

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