26 May 2013

Suthern Belle

My husband's youngest son and his wife are expecting their first child in mid~September.  This precious lil girl's name will be extra special but for right now, for the purposes of this blog, I'll call her Suthern Belle.  So at seventeen weeks in~utero they took some snaps of her during the sonogram and these pix are amazingly detailed.  The things that can be done with technology today seems utterly limitless.

In the past, when folks would show me their sonograms, I would smile and nod, while murmuring vaguely about the whitish greyish blackish blobs that seemed to shift even as I looked at them.  If someone pointed and said, "and his fifth arm is double jointed!", I would have continued to smile, nod, and murmur.  Cuz who the hell actually could make sense of these things.  My mammogram made more sense than these things and according to it, I can expect a pair any day now.

All joking aside, when I looked at these sonograms of Suthern Belle, my lil heart went pitter patter and my face went, "awwwww" as my head cocked to the side as it does when ever I see anything excessively cute, like a big~eyed puppy licking a toddler's ice~cream cone.  I was a goner.  Especially when I saw the one pic.

Suthern Belle was in the classic pose of a genteel lady in mid~swoon.  As all truly southern belles can tell you, nothing makes you look quite as helpless as the back of the hand to the forehead.  I know they tell you that when newborns smile, they really just have gas.  Well apparently this is the equivalent for in~utero baby~girls!

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