26 May 2013

"I hear the ticking of the clock..."

I've been having very vivid dreams that stick with me even in my waking for a time.  I mean that the dreams linger for a time after I awake.  And I also mean that I've been having the dreams for a time as well.  Time. time. time. {"see what has become of me?"}

The dreams can cause anxiety during and afterward.  Or they can just be really odd, but I don't really react to that oddness with anxiety.  But usually, of late, I've been anxious in my dreams, which makes me physically anxious while I am dreaming, as well as waking anxious and being very disoriented and anxious for the first hour or so after I am awake.  Which in turn makes others anxious who are around me cuz I don't seem myself.

This morning, the sort of rhythmic whir of the bedroom's ceiling fan wormed into my dreams as the ticking of an alarm clock that was scaring my dream~self cuz someone was trying to find me and I thought that the clock's ticking would give me away.  There was another part of me trying to reason or reassure the dream~self that clock would tick even if I were not there.  Sort of the "tree falling in the forest" debate then ensued within the dream~self.

It's no wonder why I awake somewhat befuddled and turtleheaded.

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