25 January 2013

Hair, light and fluffy entry

The picture to the left was within hours of having my hair done.  The picture on the right is after five weeks.  This in my natural hair {not extensions}; altho I had bleached it last fall, so that is why it appears darker at the roots, while the ends are all light and fluffy.

It appears to be thicker and fuller in the picture to the right, because my hair grows quickly; so the roots are not so neat as when it is first done.  Also, the ends are curly cuz we had to actually replace quite a few elastics; so we'd put the bands higher so they wouldn't slip off the ends of the braids so easily.  Hence the curls. 

Jerry's been touching up some of the braids.  So that adds a lil difference in the texture and I think that is a good thing.  My hair is different lengths, cuz a year ago it was shaven and this is how it grew in, I've not had it cut since then.  Oh!  And I did have a very tight curly perm last September, which adds to the fullness and the curl somewhat.

I'm planning to do something with it in a week or so, as the braids are getting fuzzy and my roots need to be addressed.  So all the braids are coming out, which will be a job and a half, I think.  Everything combed thru and a good scrub, then we'll see what's next.

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