20 November 2012

Scoobee~doobee~DOOOOOO {note my husband's retro shirt}

I'm not sure what's up with the distorted line in the middle of the picture, but I think that it isn't too distracting.  Ya know, til I go pointing it out.  Now ya notice it, doncha?

So here's a few shots featuring Ginger, and a couple with Sophie co~starring.  Ginger's legs are not really featured here, to scale.  But I think the general impression has been made, no?

It's extremely difficult to get Ginger to stay still for a picture, she often hides her face, presenting you with her back.  So I had to take these pix on the sly, cuz she's camera shy.

Since I finished the shawls and wraps, I've been working on a wide scarf for charity.  It's Red Heart's acrylic {heather and cherry red, which actually reminds me a bit of a sock monkey}.  This is about two and a half feet.  I've been knitting it in between all my other activities, meetings, lunches, and pretending I'm an important butterfly.

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  1. Hey Deb! So nice to stop by for a visit. I know it's been ages, but you and J are still on my refrigerator ... and I think of you often. I'm trying to bring myself back to blogging a bit and to do that I also need to stop and visit my 'old' friends, read and say 'hello.'


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