07 November 2012


Last week, I cried, from intense sadness and also then from intense gladness.  The week started with our tiny puppy slipping into a comatose state from a hypoglycemic event.  Which means that she had low sugar, which apparently puppies of smaller breeds often have; as their pancreases don't fully develop til about age six months.  I didn't know that.  So her sugar dropped, her body temperature started to drop, and I took her to the vet's right away.  It was a bad day, all the way around.  She seemed to be getting better, but wasn't responding as fast as the vet thought she should.  He thought that maybe her brain was affected by the hypoglycemia and hypothermia, and he took her home with him that night.  She died at three that next morning.

It happened so fast, that initial incident.  I cannot believe how thoroughly she captivated our hearts, and found her niche in our home.  Sophie moped around and was quiet and kept checking the kitchen or just around the corner for CoCo.  She will not be forgotten.

I am glad tho, that this happened whilst we were still here, and not while our house/pet sitter was here while we were in Natchez.  We were able to spend some time with CoCo.  We discussed if we should go for our trip as planned, and decided that yes, we should, as there was nothing to be done {altho we did cuddle with Sophie that night and our trip was two nights instead of three}.  So our anniversary was a bit more quiet, more laid~back, more low~key.

We enjoyed our annual Natchez visit, to the BluffTop Bed & Breakfast.  It was great to spend some quality time with my husband, to celebrate our four visit, our third anniversary {having spent our honeymoon there too}.  One afternoon, we sat in a downtown cafe; he read to me, while I knitted.  I was intensely glad to be with him.

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