24 October 2012


I won't even attempt to catch up on all the doings and goings on around here, except to show two pix from yesterday.  One is of CoCo, she is a lil over thirteen weeks, a lil small and young for the surgery to spay alone; but she also had a hernia that needed repair.  So the doc did both procedures in one surgery and that way she wouldn't have to be exposed to anesthesia multiple times and all that other good stuff.  See how nicely her lil pressure wrap matches my husband's t~shirt?  They are bestest buds!

CoCo is fine, a bit sore.  But she's a trooper and has responded well.  I took her today for the vet assistant to change her wrap and to check her over.  CoCo pee'd before she left their office yesterday after the procedures.  But hadn't pooped yet, she saved that for my arm, on the way home.  Wasn't that sweet of her?

I'll take her back to the vet again tomorrow, so that he can check her over and make sure all's well.  CoCo is rambunctious in her play this evening and with the few excepting squeaks, she is just peachy!  The doc said that her external staples could be removed in about ten days.  Those staples look like they'd be hurting her, but I think she is ok~~she's certainly acting all frisky and fine!

Oh!  And I bleached my hair yesterday.

And my guest bathroom mirror needs cleaning.

{That was soOOOoooo blog~worthy.}

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  1. Hey! The splotchy mirror just proves that we do brush our teeth! :-)


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