06 October 2012

Fallen Ripples

So earlier this month {well, last month, it's so hard for me to believe we are in October already}, someone in one of my crochet yahoo groups {HEY, fellow fiber freaks!} showed me a pattern of deconstructed granny squares in dark and light blue and white.  I kinda liked it, but the zigs and zags and squiggles hurt my eyes and made me a lil nauseous {some prints and patterns do that}.  I really like the idea behind it tho.

Also, last month, I spoke with the folks over at French Camp a few counties over.  They have an annual event scheduled for a week from today, their Harvest Festival.  Folks donate handcrafted items to the organization, designating the funds to go to either the academy or one of the seven local churches.  Then those donated items are auctioned off on the morning of the Harvest Fest.

So I combined the two ideas, and this was the result.  I'll be donating this along with some other items to French Camp's Harvest Festival.  It's a small afghan, or a larger lapghan, all depends on your perspective.

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