05 September 2012

spinning uselessly

bitch, bitch, bitch; whine, groan, moan; weedle, snivel, snark...

K, now that I got that outta my system, perhaps I can focus; cuz that's been the problem lately.  I'm not focusing on any one thing.  So I have many Many MANY projects started, but haven't been in the mood to get much accomplished on any one of them...let alone a few or many of them.

Let me just list a few things I would like to get busy with, to get done, to check off my mental "to~do" list:

Miss November, a lil baby girl due a week or so after my birthday, is baby number four, with two older sisters and one older brother.  She will be the youngest as her parents most likely will not have more children, as it's a nice sized family.  I've made something for the other sibs, would like to make something for her, have started a few things, but as of yet, nothing resonates just right and says, "this right here is just THE thing".  My fingers will know, I suppose...

Miss January is due in that wintry month.  She is baby number one, the first grand for all the grandparents concerned.  She may be the one and only in the family, or other sibs may come later.  I'd like to do something for both her and her mother.  Again, the exact right thing has not yet presented itself, despite my searches and other attempts.

Couple are wedding in just a bit.  I'd sorta thought of something, but then decided not to do that, as it didn't fit the Couple at all.  So...

Now, I can do something, anything, just to have it done.  But that's not usually the way I like to do things.  I like to have the perfect fit between gift and giftee.  But I think I may do something, anything, just so that I can reassure myself that I can actually FINISH something {anything}.

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  1. No Worries! While these are all nice goals to set for yourself - and hand-crafted gifts are very nice - there are stores. Just buy something and wrap! Peeps been doing it for years ya know!


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