28 July 2012

Speaking of roto~rooter...

Feeling kinda skanky, I stepped into the shower and just barely got wet when the shower cut off.  Which was really weird, cuz all the other faucets worked just fine.  So I hopped in the other shower and got squeaky clean.

  When my husband got home from the grocery store {we needed buns for the burgers he plans to grill this afternoon along with corn, oh my salivating drooling self, if you've never had grilled corn on the cob, go get you some, get you some NOW}, he joyously changed into his Dickie~Bibs and crawled under the house.  Joyously, I tell you.  The man hates to sit still unless he feels that he put in a productive day.  So the task of checking to see if there was a broken pipe was a welcome one.

The great news is that there does not appear to be any leaks, broken pipes, etc.  We'll need to call Mr. Fix~It, the all around do~it dude who can fix just about anything and do almost as much.  I'm thinking the lil shut~off mechanism {it's usually a plate that twists and turns with the knob} inside the faucet/pipe for the shower snapped off and fell into place so that the water is off for that shower.

Of course, what the hell do I know?  It could be something else.  Which is why we need a plumber~dude to come in and figure it out.  One who is considerate, thoughtful, good, efficient, and best of all cheaper than our bank~account's holdings.  Fortunately, we know one!!

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