17 July 2012

Some Pix

My husband and our chiweenie are posing here, a few days after Father's Day last month.  His youngest son sent him this shirt, which Jerry loves.  Funny thing, when I took the picture, my camera's  feature which focuses on the face didn't frame my husband's face, nor Sophie's; but it did frame the dog on the t~shirt!

All these pillows were in the corners of this sofa, but Sophie rearranged things to suit her.  When I took this picture, she looked like she could be advertising for the pillow~tops that align your spine just right.  What a sweetie!

Last night, Jerry came running in, "the spider was this big!" and so I grabbed the camera and we got a shot of this next to a half~gallon container for scale.  It really was "this big!"  Click on the pic for an enlargement will be more accurate, as I shrank this down so it didn't scare unsuspecting viewers.

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  1. I love Sophie's WTF eye roll in the pic of me & her!


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