28 July 2012

Healthy husband, happy husband

or is it the other way around?

Either way, my husband is a happy healthy one.  We just went for his colonoscopy yesterday.  I say, "we" cuz it was a team effort.  Not too crazy about the doctor, but then again, I'm not exactly thrilled with most doctors.

The nurses, on the other hand, were great.  They answered all of my questions, checked in with us numerous times, and were efficient.  Very thoughtful.  They didn't even rush us thru recovery, even tho they were due for lunch and we were the last in the building.

This colonoscopy was routine, a follow~up from five years ago when he'd had a few polyps removed, which is very common.  Last time, his eldest daughter went with him as his first wife had already died.  His eldest daughter said that he had quite the tales to tell, cuz anesthesia does that to most folks.  They get all loopy.  Some folks get extremely happy, cuz they are all relaxed and enjoying the tension~free drug~induced state.  Most get sleepy, which is why driving is best left to someone else.

So I drove, my husband blissful.  He was either sleeping, or smiling a dopey happy grin, or telling me how much he loves me.  But then again, that's not so very unusual.  If he's clean, in his jammies, laxing in his recliner~~then he is usually sleeping, smiling, or heaving a huge sigh followed by declarations of love.  Cuz he's so sweet to me.  Even when he's just had doc r, roto~rooting round his nether regions.

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  1. If I gotta be a dwarf - I'd rather be Dopey than Grumpy!


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