05 May 2012


I've been promising some pix of projects I've recently completed.  As always, click the pic for an enlarged view.  So without further ado:

These left and right pix are of the same throw.  I was messing with the lighting and also the angle, so the colors don't hold true; however the shot to the left is closer to being an accurate representation of the colors.  This throw is too large to be a lapghan, yet too small to be an afghan.  This is my mom's welcome~to~mississippi throw.

An original shawl that I created as I went.  It does have a lil collar, the two sides that drape to the front of the wearer are crocheted while the rest is knit.  Just having fun!


  1. Love it. The best laid plans don't always work anyway. Have a great weekend.


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