03 February 2012

GroundHog's Day

Wow!  It feels like Christmas was only just last week.  That just ain't right, just ain't.


Ok, in this picture, you can see a bit of my super~scarf.  It's a blend of greens, knit, and about eight feet long with a nice, thick hood section in the middle.  This one, I'm keeping.

And whilst in PA, I found two of these lovely bins.  One pictured here is closed, blue, on the left.  On the right, there is the orange one, open.  I love them and I got them for five bucks each.  Jerry replaced the dowel rods for me, and I love them even more.

A few weeks ago, I went to the Fiber Festival in Oxford {Mississippi}.  Pictured here are several balls of the Marigold wool.  Oh!  And also a ball of Lime Sherbet.  Luscious.

Over this past weekend, I tried my hand at knitting a shawl.  Above it's pictured, folded in half.  Not bad, I say, not bad.

Matching is a hat I crocheted this evening.  So that sort of catches up on some projects.  Tah!

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  1. Talented - and possessed with an eye for fashion!


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