16 May 2005

Forgotten ventures

Last year, I attempted to participate in NaNoWriMo.  The National November Writing Month is a sort of mad dash to write at least 50,000 words for that month.  If you cheat, well, you are only cheating yourself.

It's free.  If you register, you can get lots of little supportive messages that can go a long way in encouraging you to continue.  I was jumping around Judi Heartsong's comments in the May Artsy Essay post, when I came across Ms. Bea.  She actually participated and successfully completed the event.  Kudos to her!!

So I think that I am getting back into the swing of things and I don't think I will wait til Novemeber to write.  I have been writing some here and there.  But I am making an effort to be more consistent and productive.

So that there is a pledge.  To myself.  But stated in a public forum, for accountability purposes.  So, go ahead, ask me about it, call me on it.  This time, I won't shove it behind the Holidays and forget about it.


  1. Thanks for letting me know that you are back on AOL. I would have figured it out sooner or later but glad for the sooner. Good for you for your recommitment. I think every now and then we have to do stuff like that with our goals in life because the busy-ness of life can get us off-track sometimes. You go girl!
    :-) ---Robbie

  2. judithheartsongTuesday, 17 May, 2005

    good for you...... I love the way you put words together and am right here cheering you on. xoxoxoxo, judi


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